Tell Tales Tell All

Tell tales properly placed on your fore sail and main sail play an important role of providing feedback about sail trim and sail performance. Tell tales help you identify if you are pointing too high, not ponting high enough, or are in-the-groove and are maximizing the performance of your sails.  Understanding how to read tell tales and adjust your sails appropriately is just one of many skills any Catalina 22 racer needs to develop. 

Let's take a trip back in time to 1974 and enjoy a tell all article about Tell Tales written by Ray Fletecher. His article "Tell Tales Tell All" first appeared in the first editon of International Regatta magazine published in March 1974 (Tom Winans, Editor / Publisher). The article, presented here in its entirety from over 45 years ago, is available as a PDF document that you may easily download, save and print. 



Written by : Rich Fox