Class Rules - Proposed Rule K.3 for Fleet Definition

The Rules Committee has prepared a new proposal to the Class Rules, to define fleets, and is presented here for membership review and input.  Under Section O of the Class Rules, the following is a proposal to establish Rule K.3 of the Catalina 22 Class Rules.

Proposed Rule K.3: The national championship regatta may be composed of Gold and Silver fleets. A Spinnaker Fleet, comprised of competitors from Gold and Silver fleets, may also be formed. The overall class champion will be the winner of the Gold Fleet.


  • This establishes fleet structure referenced in the current proposal altering ruling 15 to permit headfoils in the Silver Fleet.   
  • K.3. verbiage is limited to the national regatta to allow local organizing authorities to establish fleet composition criteria to encourage participation for local regattas.

Proposed Effective Date: The targeted date for implementation of this proposed rules modification is ahead of the 2024 Catalina 22 National Championship Regatta.

You may provide feedback by March 15, 2024 to the CHIEF MEASURER. 

Proposal will also be published in the Winter MainBrace (January 15, 2024).