Class Rules Update - Two Rulings

The Rules Committee has made two Rulings to the CLASS RULES that go into effect immediately.

Ruling 15: A head foil on the forestay is prohibited in the Gold Fleet of National, Regional, and State Championship regattas. These and other sanctioned regattas may allow a head foil as a component of a furling system by making provision to place such entries in a Silver Fleet. Only one headsail may be hoisted on a boat with a multiple track head foil system while racing. Catalina 22 Spinnaker National Championship Regatta entries may include Silver Fleet entries with a head foil. Effective 11/15/23.

Justification/Rationale: Participation and interest in racing will be encouraged for new racers with boats presently not legal due to gear outside current class rules. Some boats may have higher performance head foil arrangements, so the rule change is structured to eliminate a competitive advantage from having more than one head foil track. This change will not impact the Gold Fleet in national championship competition. If competitors subsequently decide to pursue racing in the Gold Fleet, the boat would have to be brought into compliance.


Ruling 48: Keel cables shall be 3/16" diameter stainless steel. Effective 11/15/23.

Justification/Rationale: --3/16" cables will be more durable for frequently trailed boats than smaller diameter cables. Facilitates optimization of competition yachts. Moves Class Rules closer to one-design. Restricts cable materials.